Tuesday, 4 June 2013


The sun is shining so it's only right we do a blog post dedicated to summer and holiday fashion for you. (If you are a reader from outside of the UK, we don't tend to see the sun a lot in the UK so when we do it is a big thing for us and we like to shout about it!)

Green Leaf Longline Bikini

Image: www.topshop.co.uk

If you are on holiday this summer or just want to sunbathe in your garden, we all know you want a fashionable bikini even if it only you that will see it. This fruity number from Topshop is bang on trend with its high waisted shorts and vintage style. This is something you could wear with a kaftan for an day look whilst on holiday. 

Image: www.riverisland.co.uk

If bright colours aren't your thing, this black and white bikini is perfect for you and would look amazing against sun-kissed skin. 

Image 1 of Echo Batik Leaves Butterfly Kaftan

Image: www.asos.com

We say pair that hat with this kaftan add some bracelets and voila, a lazy pool day look or maybe you prefer a walk on the beach? 

Image: www.topshop.co.uk

These sandals by Black Cat Flat Sandals by CJG at Topshop can be dressed up or down for either a day or night look. As they are like jewellery on a shoe, maybe don't go overboard with the accessories. 
Image: www.zara.com

Of course you can't forget your sunglasses. Not only are they are really important to protect your eyes from the sun but they also come in so many different styles and prints and how amazing are these from Zara! Nothing else to say on the matter.

Image 1 of STRAW COWBOY HAT from Zara
Image: www.zara.com

Also from Zara, this straw cowboy hat is another must to protect your hair from the sun but also is a really stylish fashion accessory. The trim on this hat turns it into something a little less boring that just a black sun hat. 

Let us know what you thought of the items featured and if it has inspired you to hit the shops!