Monday, 12 March 2012


 Stella McCartney unveils biodegradable shoes!

Stella McCartney, who has been a vegetarian her whole life and who does not use any leather or fur in her designs, has gone one step further with biodegradable shoes.

 Stella’s latest A/W 2012 collection show-cased these new shoes. As well as being strides ahead in the trend stakes are also steps ahead in saving our environment. The shoes, which included a red croc-effect pair and a black ankle boot, featured a signature white, biodegradable sole. 

The soles are made from bioplastic which is made from renewable raw materials. The soles will naturally break down in the environment instead of the alternative of regular, harsh plastic heels which hinder, not help, our environment.

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Possibly the most environmentally-friendly thing Paris Fashion Week has ever produced! It could only be a matter of time before all shoe-makers are turning to biodegradable materials, swapping plastic and rubber for bioplastic. Big brands like Adidas, Nike and Converse should all start thinking about going biodegradable too!