Sunday, 18 March 2012


Nobody likes a rainy day - And today it is just that! At a dreary 11 degrees and with windspeeds of 11 miles per hour, there wasn't really much reason to leave the house (except of course to pick up some flowers for Mum) BUT all is not lost if you've got the right gear ;) Unfortunately today at ELpromotions, some of us were caught up a creek without a paddle - We are certainly not plain, but a copy of Cosmo and a whole lotta' FrizzEase could have been saved if we had just remembered one of these bad boys...

This Vintage Version is worth a twirl, the shape is pretty funky, looks like something you could sit under and have a tea party!

Dreamscape - Full Length Umbrella

There's a whole floral range at This one's called 'Dreamscape' and it's ' Fresh, with a clean summery look and feel', super cute.

From Lulu's Birdcage collectible handbag. This umbrella is transparent pvc with grey birdcage  printed birds. what better way to get rid of those dark clouds?

Capitonne Parasol by Chantal Thomass
Source: Brollies Galore

This is a unique parasol from Chantel Thomas the canopy is made from a black quilted fabric and is lined in a brilliant red. For the daring amoungst us!
And Finally, this Moschino umbrella is available from Asos. It's called the 'cheap & chic' hearts umbrella ( although it does cost £75 which is a slight contradiction)  It features an all-over illustrated multi-heart print, subtle printed branding, a compact design when closed and a small branded and printed carry case with top handles and metal press stud buttons. DIVINE!