Friday, 2 March 2012



Heavy makeup and glitzy gold stilettos are all good and well, but Thylane Lena- Rose Blondeau's provocative posing is slightly disturbing when you realize that she is TEN YEARS OLD!! Tylane is the daughter of Veronika Loubry (actress and television presenter) and Patrick Blondeau (former Watford and Sheffield Wednesday footballer) so her parents are obviously quite used to being in the public eye and are eager for baby Blondeau to follow in thier footsteps. No doubt she is on the path to fame and fortune, but isn't ten a bit of a tender age to be looking so sexy!?

Why can't they just get hot adults? source:
The above images graced the pages of the Tom Ford edited January edition of French Vogue, and my god did they cause controversy! fueling massive debate over the sexualisation of children. The photos have been described as 'physically disturbing' and 'blurring the thoughts of beauty' - we wouldn't go quite that far, but there is something so precious about innocence and naivety that can only be obtained for so long in one's life, why throw it away so fast?

Is this too much of an obsession with youth? Source:
One thing's for sure - she's a stunner! (just typing her name into Google has got us mesmerized!) And that's what you want in a model right? Someone who makes you stop and stare!