Tuesday, 24 January 2012


TinkerTaylor TV "are film makers, web designers and motion graphics specialists. They create eye-catching content for any screen and make your company stand out from the crowd."

Based at Fazeley Studios in Digbeth, Birmingham, they run a rather fabulous production company. All ex BBC and ex Apple workers they have joined forces with us. 

There are many different business ideas they have just waiting for you. The ideas that grab the media world are. Short, punchy, promo videos which are based on a one day shoot, one or two high definition cameras, interview with client & designer, intercut with stunning footage cut to music. A Catwalk shoot, to showcase differnt fashions, ideal and optimal for a fashion designer wanting to show-case his / her latest range and trying to make a mark in the fashion industry and stand out from the crowd. It will involve and interview with the designer, intercut with stunning footage cut to music, stylish graphics and detail of the clothes. Last but not least a short, funky film, fast paced, cut to music with shots of models coming on and off backstage, make up done, hair sprayed, shoes going on, jackets coming off. Soundbites from the designer about their clothes, about the event and soundbites from the models about why they love the clothes. These videos could change your business.

Make your own mind up by listening to what other businesses think of TinkerTaylor.

By Amelia Watson